Vibrasound Data Collector

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Vibrasound Data Collector
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Vibratin Analysis software


Bright Color Display
ISO 10816 application

IMXA-460 is a powerful, real-time plant Data Collector. Designed to simplify the task and increase the speed of collecting variety of data. It is ideally suited for use in almost all the industries. Some of the typical data and graph formats specific to IMXA-460 are:
1) Order tracking
2) Engineering Units Display on y-axis
3) Route based having Multiple Historical data
4) Unfiltered and Filtered ORBIT
5) Simultaneous display of 3 spectrums or time waveforms for TriAxial Inputs


Input types:

ICP and self powered




2 ICP, AC signals, DC signals



Tacho input ±40 V, tacho


supply +5 V

Input channels:

Channel 1 , Channel 2


Transducer check:

ICP open circuit



Auto range:



Dynamic range:

96 dB


Frequency range:

2 Hz and 40 kHz


Real time rate:

40 kHz single channel


FFT resolution:

100 to 12,800 lines



Active sync via USB,


IrDA or RS232

Internal storage:

64 Mbyte (capable of


storing approx 4,000 spectra)


186 x 93 narrowest 186 x 134 widest



700 g (1,5 lbs)


Display options:

14 VGA colour TFT screen



2 metres (6,5 feet) to MIL-STD 810 specifications



IP65 (dust & water proof)


Temperature ratings:

10 to +50 °C operating temperature

20 to +60 °C storage temperature

Hazardous area:

CSA class I, division 2, groups A, B, C, D



400 MHz X-scale Intel PXA255


Operating system:

Windows CE.Net v4.2 (core only)



Li-lon smart battery pack


Battery recharge:

Via mains adaptor or desktop cradle


PC card:

PCMCIA type II CF card: Compact flash type II


MMC/SD card:

MMC/SD memory card


Printer output:

PCL/Pentax pocketjet or equivalent


Analyser Module


An easy to use FFT analyzer with onscreen

phase vector readout.


Displays Spectrum FFT, Oscilloscope, and

live data


FFT analyzer with Bump Test module


Stand alone balancer (static & dynamic

couple, single or dual plane).


Allows 1 or 2 planes of balancing



Bump Test Module


Bump test application for determining

resonance frequencies


Check to Conformance


Conformance check module, to assess

machinery health in accordance with

industrial standards (ISO,BS, API etc)


Allow users to define their own standards.


Balancing module


Stand alone balancer (static & dynamic

couple, single or dual plane).


Allows 1 or 2 planes of balancing fans/

shafts/ impellors.


Data Recorder


Record live vibration data and saves time

signature in WAV file format, for later



Frequency Response Function


Performs modal analysis using a calibrated

hammer for excitation.


Measurements can be exported to external

software to calculate and animate the

Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS).


Run-Up Coast-Down


The run up coast down module, used to

record and analyze data from machines

where noise or vibration levels are changing

with speed or are changing with time.


Allows analysis of run-up and coast-down

cycle of machines


Five levels hierarchy

Use for Ever Comes without a time lock or upgrade compulsion

Comprehensive Route uploads and downloads to Data Collector

Extremely User Friendly Operation and Navigation

Runs and is compatible with Multiple Databases

Simple to learn and master with basic skill sets

Exceeds Common Requirements of Analysts

High Resolution displays

Cost Effective and Intuitive